Teacher, can we drink water with this cup? hihihi. No, kids. Today we will play with this cup. Yeay. Can you show me which cup has a letter A? Lets play.
Letter recognition is the foundation for developing the ability to read. In order to teach a child letter recognition, its important to use fun activities. As we all know, small children have a short attention span, so any educational activity needs to be creative and exciting but not too difficult. The more sensory input, the more kids will stay focused. So, we make play fun so that we attract kids passion to learn.
The right brain is the root of emotions, intuition and visualization. At ShowmeKids Playschool & Kindergarten, we encourage the kids to use their right brain through activities that explore and stimulate through their creative side.



Why so many colourful stones today, Teacher? What are we going to do today? Today, we will play with stones!! Yeay! Ok, Let’s play STONE, PATTERN, LINE today!

By activating the right brain so that it works in conjunction with the left brain, we are able to unlock powerful thought processes. At SHOWME KIDS PLAYSCHOOL & KINDERGARTEN, we try to always activate the right brain by doing more right brain activities. In this activity students use stones to follow the pattern of the lines to the finish.
It is similar and a good way for small kids to get familiar with maze work. In this activity, the kids don’t have to use a pencil to draw lines, they only follow the lines with the stone. They feel the solid weight of the stone gliding on the paper, see the colorful lines and differentiate the correct course. It is a sensory exploration.

A sponge Hello Kitty

As we know at Showme Kidz school in Kuala Terengganu,  there are a lot of fun activities. Yesterday, Showme Kidz Kindergarten students made a ‘Hello Kitty’ from a rectangular sponge, some rubber bands and some ribbon. This activity was for school holidays art and creative skills class. This was a very fun craft project for them.


The 'ears' of the kitty are made by tying the rubber band on both corners of the sponge and by creating a 'neckline' by simply wrapping a rubber band around the middle of the sponge. This encourages the students to develop their creativity skills. This activity is fun, easy and full of possibilities. They enjoyed making Hello Kitty on their own and took it back home to show to their parents.

Duck Finger Puppet

Showme Kidz kindergarten in Kuala Terengganu has lots of "Playful learning" and sensory play activities for preschool and kindergarten students. We know that kids three years and up enjoy puppet shows. Last week, students made their own duck finger puppet.  This activity helps students to mingle and play with their friends by using the activity and the puppet in a group setting.


 Finger Puppets are a natural and fun extension of the pretend play that young children engage in so readily. With a little encouragement, hand puppets help kids develop important learning skills through communication and social skills.   Kids often communicate more easily with puppets which give them the  confidence to express their ideas and feelings. Puppets help kids develop creative skills by allowing them to use their imaginations. It is through imaginative play that children come to understand the differences between fantasy and reality.


Mint or Pudina is good for kids

Mint or Pudina is good for kids
Mint or Pudina is an herb that is synonymous with freshness. Use it for seasoning a salad and mint can bring that extra zing. The unique flavour can be added to many foods or drinks. But apart from its dressing and seasoning value, mint also gives numerous health benefits to kids.
Yesterday our school, Showme Kidz Kindergarten Gong Badak branch made "Soda herbs" from soda, lemon, mint and other herbs. This drink was good for the kids because of the mint leaf. Mint leaf has a lot of benefits for kids like soothing digestion plus it's anti fungal and it has antibacterial properties to make it a wonder herb. If kids chew 5-6 mint leaves twice or thrice a week, their teeth stay healthy, white and their breath is fresh. Studies show that proper oral hygiene helps everyone stay healthier.
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Riang Ria Sambutan Hari Guru

Hari Guru di Malaysia disambut pada 16 Mei setiap tahun sebagai tanda penghargaan kepada semua para guru di Malaysia. Dengan itu, kami di Sekolah Rendah Swasta Sri Showme, Showme Kidz Playschool dan semua cawangan Showme Kidz Kindergarten memilih tema riang ria sempena sambutan hari guru pada tahun ini.
Antara persembahan dan aktiviti-aktiviti yang dilakukan sepanjang majlis hari guru hari ini adalah dendangan lagu ‘Kami Guru Malaysia’ daripada Guru-Guru, ‘Musical chair games’, ‘pop-out the Balloon’ dan ‘pot luck’ yang dibawa oleh pelajar-pelajar dan guru-guru.
Guru adalah ibarat lilin yg membakar dan menerangi kita semua. Mereka juga akan sentiasa diingati kerana jasa dan sumbangan mereka terhadap negara . Kami di Sri Showme ingin mengucapkan Selamat hari guru buat semua guru-guru di Malaysia.
Guru oh Guru
Berburu ke padang datar
Dapat rusa berbelang kaki
Berguru kepalang ajar
Ibarat bunga kembang tak jadi

Mother's Day Celebration

Mother is the only one who does so much struggle, just to keep her childrens' happy and to fulfil her childrens' dreams. Mother’s Day is a day for many people to show their appreciation and love to mothers. It was also celebrated as an annual event.
Today, Sri Showme Private School would like to invite mothers to have lunch with their child as part of Mother’s Day Celebration.
Therefore, Sri Showme Private School wish you a ' Happy Mothers Day' to all mothers in Malaysia.
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Parents-Teacher Conferences

Assalamualaikum and have a good day everyone.

A parent-teacher conference is a meeting between Parents and Teachers to discuss each student's progress in school.

During the end of this academic year, Sri Showme Private School has invited parents to come in for a parent-teacher conference.

This is a standard part of the school's efforts to build a strong partnership between parents and teachers.

Whether students have positive results or are stuggling with a certain subject in school, the parent-teacher conferences can help parents and teachers to find ways to work together to ensure each student's success.


Science Project

Electric circuit- science project!

A circuit is a path that electricity flows along. It starts at a power source, like a battery, and flows through a wire to a light bulb or other object and back to other side of the power source.

Yesterday(19 october 2016-wenesday), Sri Showme Private School students from Hambali Class and Bukhari Class had science project which is they built their own circuit and see how it works with this project. Experimenting with simple science projects at school is a good way to encourage kids to think and explore ideas further on their own. This may give them the idea to lay the groundwork for curious minds.




Satu Pertandingan "Say It Right", Marilah Bercerita/Tell Me A Story dan Lego A-Like dengan kerjasama Perpustakaan Negeri Terengganu akan di adakan pada 5 Sept 2015 (Sabtu) terbuka kepada pelajar umur 4 shingga 8 tahun. Penyertaan adalah PERCUMA.

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Alternative Education Blog

The origin of modern education (mass education)


“Education is that which remains, if one has forgotten everything one learned in school.”

Albert Eisntein

Some people call it modern education, some people call it mass education. Whatever name been given, it is the same thing.

Standard education for all

Most of modern mass education system followed Prussia Education. However, why we called it modern?


Before the advent of modern education in schools, education involved learning to read, acquiring mental skills, and developing the ability to think conceptually and develop theistic ideas – at least this was the basic common notion that was seen among most world cultures. The idea behind this traditional educational system was to prepare students with as wide and strong a base as possible for their future success and contribution to the world. 


School Activities

Here are some of the activies inside and outside school through out the year 2014:

1. ShowMe The Money

2. The Hungry Caterpillar Week 

3. Fathers Day Celebration

4. Mothers Day Celebration

5. Maulidur Rasul Celebration

6. Hajj Practice

7. Qurban Program

8. Dental Clinic Visit

9. Firefighter Training & Visit

10. Turtle Awareness Program

11. Swimming Sessions

12. Cooking Sessions

13. Camping @ Scouts Inn, Telaga Batin

14. Taekwando sessions

15. Sedaqah visit

16. Merdeka Celebration

17. Get Sported Day - ShowMe Sports Day